Serafine responds to Sunset Commission reports regarding the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists

The state of Texas created the Sunset process in 1977 to question the need for and success of agencies which execute laws approved by the Legislature. Reviews occur once every 12 years. The Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists is currently under review and the Commission’s staff issued their reports earlier this month, available here and here.

In response, Mary Lou Serafine filed comments as part of the public comment process, which are posted HERE.

In summary, she emphasized that people should be free to talk and listen to whomever they please.  “It is important to emphasize,” she wrote, “that the only thing psychologists do is talk. They do not touch the body, build homes or bridges, or affect public health and safety.”

Serafine also described the Serafine v. Branaman case for the Commission.

Her criticism of the Sunset Commission Staff Report, she said, is that the substance of “Issue 4” in the Report was “identical to the psychology board’s arguments in federal court—in other words, the exact ones that were rejected as a justification for the unconstitutional licensing act that was struck down.” 

She additionally suggested that the needs of the public and the imperative of constitutional rights can equally be met by certifying psychologists instead of licensing them.